Shipping Policy Good Morning Box


1. TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE: This Agreement regulates the commercial relationship between the CLIENT and GOOD MORNING BOX with respect to the purchases of products that the CLIENT is interested in making. The present conditions regulate and are applicable to all sales made from the website  The placement of any order implies that you have read and accepted these conditions of sale.

2. The dispatch of the order placed by the Customer implies your agreement to these general conditions of sale. No stipulation made by the Client on the conditions of purchase, methods of payment or other documents will differ from those of GOOD MORNINGBOX, if it has not been expressly accepted by this company beforehand. Superetiquetas may modify the catalogues and price lists at any time, without prior notice, depending on the evolution of the economic conditions, with the aim of keeping the customer informed of these changes by publishing them on the website.

3. RATES: All prices specified on the website are prices including VAT. The prices are subject to change, being clear that the products ordered will be invoiced at the prices in force at the time the order is placed as long as it has been previously accepted by the confirmation of payment within the specified deadline (5 days) GOOD MORNING BOX makes available to all its registered customers the updated information on product prices through its website. Shipping costs are to be borne by the customer unless otherwise stated.

4. ORDERS: All orders are subject to the terms and conditions expressed herein, which will be valid in all situations. Therefore, any term or condition included in an order by the CUSTOMER, which is in contradiction with these conditions, will not be valid. The sale will be formalized when GOOD MORNING BOX has accepted the order and received the payment of the full amount of the purchase. The sending of an order by the CLIENT does not constitute a contract, GOOD MORNING BOX reserves the right to cancel any order from a client for any legitimate reason related mainly to the abnormal nature of the order. The box will contain the same products included in the order with the exception of out of stock which will be replaced by a similar product with an equivalent or higher price. In case of out of stock, if we cannot find a similar product to replace it, the product will be reimbursed.

5. PAYMENT METHODS: Accepted payment methods are Paypal/credit card or Google Pay. 

6. DELIVERY: The estimated time of receipt of the goods is 3 to 10 working days from processing for special delivery and 3 to 7 days for standard delivery. With the exception of a possible special agreement, the products in the catalogue of will be delivered within the agreed delivery times from the day after payment. The delivery times indicated are for guidance only and GOOD MORNING BOX do their best to respect them. However, their delay does not imply the cancellation of the order or any compensation. Any penalty clause for delay introduced by the CLIENT in his order is invalidated by the application of the following clarification: Delivery is considered to have taken place as soon as the product is placed at the disposal of the courier. It is the responsibility of the recipient to check the products on receipt and to make any reservations and complaints that may be justified. If the products delivered do not conform in nature or quantity to those specified in the order details, the Customer must make their complaint within 24 hours of delivery. Deliveries will be charged to the Customer unless there are circumstances that imply free deliveries. The supply of products can be made in several deliveries unless a single delivery has been specifically requested and accepted by GOOD MORNING BOX.

7. SHIPPING: Shipping costs will be charged in the purchase and must be paid in advance, together with the payment of the products ordered. Incidents of transport do not imply any responsibility on our part. Transport costs are not included in the product prices and are to be paid by the CUSTOMER unless otherwise stated. GOOD MORNING BOX is not responsible for the duration of transport, once the materials leave our office. GOOD MORNING BOX accepts no liability for loss due to packaging, non-obvious damage, errors in delivery, discrepancies, or total or partial loss of deliveries, unless notified in writing to within 48 hours of delivery of the goods, and after inspection by GOOD MORNING BOX. In case that, at the moment of delivery, evident damage is detected in the packaging or in the product itself, the CUSTOMER must inform the courier of this, otherwise, no claims will be accepted for this reason. GOOD MORNING BOX may change the delivery method selected by the customer for another of similar or superior characteristics.

8. EXCHANGES AND RETURNS: No returns are allowed. The maximum time limit for any exchange is the day before delivery at the latest within 24 hours in the case of normal delivery or Rest of Dublin delivery, and 96 hours in the case of special delivery.

9. PRICE LIST CHANGES Prices are subject to change without notice. The amount to be invoiced will be that which is in force, either in the price list or in a special offer for each given period of time. GOOD MORNING BOX will respect the prices of orders already placed at the time of these changes.